Become a collaborator

Open Art Project is dedicated to making quality art posters accessible and free to everyone. The art pieces on this website are meant to be easy to download, to print at home (or at the office) and to hang. Your collaboration will make this all possible. The more you participate, the more people will have access to free posters.

Who can participate?

We need talented artists and designers to participate, submit their work and take part in this collaborative movement. Everyone with a creative talent that can be turned into a poster is welcome. All types of creatives (it doesn’t matter if you are a street artist, a talented painter or a graphic designer) can join the project.

What type of art can be submitted?

You are welcome to submit your digital art, posters, prints, photographic montages or any form of art. The only mandatory criteria is that your creations need to be turned into a digital format so they can be distributed on the website. You can explore any subject you want, as long as you make your grandma proud. This means no violent, pornographic or political extremist material. Keep it clean (and beautiful) and we’ll be happy to post it here.

Why should you do it?

You can do it for fun, for the love of the art or to take part in this collaborative movement. You can also do it to promote yourself to others since you get full credit for your work here.

What about copyrights?

All posters on Open Art Project are protected under the creative commons public license (CCPL). This means your content can be downloaded and shared (on Facebook, for instance) by others. Therefore people won’t be allowed to claim your project as their own, to transform it into something else nor resell it. On Open Art Project, your work will never be used for lucrative purposes. It will always be free for everyone to download and you will always get the credit for it. Again, the goal here is not to make any money from the posters, it’s to share the art for the good of everyone’s walls.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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