The How-to

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In 3 easy steps, you can transform your outdated rooms, your beige house, your cluttered garage, your smelly dog house or even your average private jet into a palace of beauty and art.

  • 1) Browse the posters

    Browse through the collection of print-it-yourself posters. You can click through the different categories to find something that suits you. Remember, they are all free to download and print!

    Start browsing posters >

  • 2) Download the PDF file

    Once you’ve found posters you love, click the pink “download poster” button to get the PDF file. Pay attention to the size you choose (small, medium, large). Refer to the poster size guide for more details.

    Poster size guide >

  • 3) Print it. Hang it.

    Open the file with a PDF reader such as Acrobat Reader and use the print function as you would a regular document. Cut the excess white margins (if any), hang it and enjoy your new poster!

    Download Acrobat Reader >

Printing advice

  • Once your poster is printed, you might cut along the side of the image to get rid of the excess white margins. Using an office paper trimmer will save you some time and make it much easier than using scissors.
  • Be ecofriendly and use recycled paper when possible. Maybe use the back side of an already printed sheet.
  • The best paper for most posters would be a mat 10 pt paper (thin cardboard). However, you can use any type of paper you have in hand.
  • You might choose to go to your local printing centers to get your poster printed. Most center won’t charge much to print the small and medium size posters. For a cleaner finish, ask them to trim the white margins.